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We provide the fast and easy payment for your choose such as major Western Union and Money Gram,Bank Transfer,Credit Card.

I. Pay via Western Union:
Pay in two ways
1. Locate the nearest Western Union authorized agent.

2. Complete the Western Union Quick Collect form. This form has a blue header. To complete the form you will need to have the account number for your creditor as well as their location.
①. In this step, you should fill Identity Test Question and Answer at will, but remember what you written for further use.
②. You will receive 10-digit Money Transfer Control NO. (MTCN), please learn them by heart for further use.

3. Submit the Money Transfer Control No. (MTCN) to us. Once checking all the information is correct, we will send the items out.

Note: To directly pay on the western union website, you must have a valid email address. Then you can pay via Mastercard or visa.
1. Go
2. Before you pay it, you should fill in the information about us, then under "Send Now" (top right-hand corner), scroll down and select the Quick Collect option.
3. Complete the creditor information.
4. Complete the personal information and registration (skip if previously registered).
5. Receive a payment receipt with the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
6. Submit the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to us. Once checking all the information is correct, we will send the items out immediately.

II. Pay by Bank Transfer
It will take 3-5 business days to arrive our account.Please let us know when you make the bank transfer.

Ⅲ. Pay by Credit Card

It's also very Convenience and safety pay the order thought Credit Card. Please see the picture as following, it's very easy!

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